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Last Updated:   5/20/2013




Hallman, Karen



Hamer, Donna (Abair)



2010 - Married to David Abair October 15, 1983.  Wow, 27 years coming up.  We have two beautiful daughters.  Allison is 23 and teaches English as a second language.  She and I have traveled all over Europe together.    Beth is 20 and a Theater Major in her junior year.  I think she has been in about 30 shows!  Dave is still beating the real estate market and flipping homes besides the many other things he does well.  I am the Executive Director of the North Country Association for the Visually Impaired. A small not for profit in upstate NY. We still live in Port Kent, NY and have the greatest view of Lake Champlain and all of the Vermont mountains from our home.

Hamilton, Robert



Hand, Barbara




Haring, Heather (Keeley)


Live in a small town (pop. 4500) in southern New Hampshire about an hour from Boston.  My husband and our two sons (Greg - 13, Ryan-10) Graduated from the University of NH.  I have been working for Schneider Automation for the last 18 years as a Buyer/Planner.  The company is french (mother company is Schneider Electric) and one of the perks is getting to go to France periodically for business.  Sitting in a Paris cafe near La Louvre sipping wine and pinching myself that I was actually in Paris - and speaking French.

Harold, Kathy



Harrower, Sue (Bernal)



2010:  I am still teaching Special Education.  It's been 30 years!  I am happily divorced and have been in a great relationship with Carl from Alabama.  We have been happily rooting for the Crimson Tide for 11 years.   I am still living in the Dallas, Tx area.

Hartmann, Steve


See Linda Dorsey (Hartmann)

Hastings, Kelly (O'Leary)


Living in San Francisco with husband Michael, enjoying life and looking forward to hearing from any of my friends at RHS.

Haviland, Susan



Haworth, Christine



Hay, Steven



2010:  Moved to Spencertown, NY, working for Siemens, daughter Meghan now in kindergarden

Hazekamp, Richard



Heckert, Laurie



Hefele, Kenneth


Passed Away March 2011   : (

Heiman, Amy



Heller, William



Henriques, Cynthia (Molzan)


2010:  My daughter is 18, goes to Northeastern University and my son is going to be in 8th grade in the fall - still married to Jim Molzan and we will be celebrating our 25th weddding anniversary this September 7th.  I am still working at Abbott & Caserta Realtors - this year will be 15 years.

Herman, Helen



Herman, Kathy (Nicolet)



2008:  Married to Claude Nicolet from Geneva, Switzerland in 1984 which is why I never came back!  Live in northeastern Arizona in the White Mountains which is incredibly beautiful and raised our two sons here for the last 21 years. Oldest son, Chris is a Midshipman at Annapolis in his third year. Tim is a Cadet at the US Coast Guard Academy in his first year.  I am an RN and have taught nursing for the last 14 years; recently went into oncology nursing. Loving life in simplicity and spirit.

Herman, Roger



2010: Still in Weston Florida after 16 years. Just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  Still work for Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruises in Miami, Fl.  Anyone interested in a Cruise, let me know.  My Grandson is almost 5, and have a Granddaughter due to arrive in September 2010. Still enjoy running and compete in 5 & 10K races. It would be great to here from old friends!!!

Hobart, Michael



Holensworth, Jean (French)



2010:  I have been married to Jim for almost 26 years.  My daughter Elizabeth is taking nursing courses and is now 24;  John is 21 and a junior at Houghton College in western NY.  We still live in Bucks County , PA outside of Philadelphia .  I have been working for the Dept. of Defense over 29 years and continue to travel all over the US , and some other countries in Europe and the Far East.  Since my last update I have added the Middle East - Bahrain and Dubai in the U.A.E.

Holm, Norman


2008:  I have been married to Tina Ace for 25 blessed years. We have been living in Palm Bay Florida for 23 years and love it. I have just retired from a engineering and now have entered the ministry and serve at

Calvary Chapel of Melbourne at the Director of Men's Ministry.  Tina works at a local golf club as the administrative assistant. We have 3 awesome children, Eric 25 is married to Brande and they have 2 soon to be 3 precious daughters (yes we are grandparents and love it) , James 22 and is married to Colleen and they also have a daughter & Megan is 18 starting her first year in college.

Holmes, Lin (Howe)


Married with a daughter and a son in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.  Lin is a systems engineer with AT&T

Holmes, William



Honsinger, Vickie (Marrone)


2006: Finished Ph.D. in Organizational Theory & Behavior in 8/05. Afterwards a friend I had worked for 18 years ago asked me to start a fee-only financial planning firm as a subsidiary of his credit union (I got a CFP license back in '89). I accepted and now live on the Oregon coast and also south of Albany, NY. Married since 1989 to Andrew Marrone. No kids, but a Chesapeake Retriever and a 22 year old cat. Life is truly an adventure!

Hood, Beverly (Allen)


Live in Huntington, NY. Have two children, Emily 8, and Paul 4. Two fish and a guinea pig named Cinammon. Creative Director New York Magazine

Hooper, Katherine



Hopper, Pam (Butler)


New:  Moving to Vermont in December, 2002
Was living in Bucks County, PA.  Married 11 years to Stan. I divide my time between working as a patient transport coordinator & volunteering as a speech therapist assistant in the Brain Injury Unit at Doylestown Hospital.

Howland, Fred



Hubler, Lynn (Loewi)



Hulit, Nancy



Humrich, David



Am living in Richmond, VA with three great kids.  I left the corporate world after 25 years in sales and recently started my own company.   Enjoy outdoor activities, a good meal and conversation. 

Iezzoni, Lynette



Infante, Mark



Living in Ho-Ho-Kus. I have been married since 1984 to Rita whom I met in Colorado.  We have 3 children - Pamela-10, Christopher-8 and Matthew-6 

Infante, Suzanne (Barnett)


Living in Tennessee.  Have a daughter who is 14 (this has been fun) and a son who just turned 11

Inglima, Kathleen (Walsh)



Married Jim Walsh, also a graduate of HHK 1971, live in Georgia with their five kids.

Isola, Nancy




Jackson, Janet (Brower)



Jahrling, Robert



Janke, Lisanne



Jarossi, Joan



Jenks, Nancy (Shekitka)


I reside in Clifton and married for 17 years to Ron. We have a wonderful, athletic 14 year old daughter named Diana. I'm an office manager in a dental office for the past 12 years

Jennings, Margo (Muench)



Living in Massachusetts-married 20 years Mother of two Jeremy 12, Madeline 8.  PTO president, Elected School Committee member.

Johnson, Alixanne (Gunther)



Johnson, Gregory



Johnson, James



Johnson, Janice



Johnson, Ronald



Jones, Barbara



Jones, Carol (Parks)



Now living in Colorado

Jones, Chris



Jones, David


Richmond, VA

Jones, Kathy (Hupfer)



Charlie & I got married in 1978 and have 2 boys, Michael age 20 & Matthew age 16

Jones, Brad



Kalena, Fred



Kanyok, Laurie



Kane, Susan


Clinical Curriculum Coordinator
Medical College of Cornell University

Katz, Colette



Katz, Larry




Kayes, Kevin



Kearney, Beth




Keating, Peter



Kelley, John



Kelly, Michael



Kenna, Kathleen



Kennedy, Rick



2005:  Recently returned from Europe working as an assassin for the government...not ours.  Now taking it easier and working for Ricoh Business Systems in NYC.  My daughter, Katie, is now 8 years old and enjoying 3rd grade.  My wife, Donna, is now 17 and getting ready to enjoy graduation and learning how to drive...   ..oh, and the braces come off in two months.

Kerner, Marianne (Hornung)


I've been happily married and living in VA for 23 years to a guy from Paramus, Ed Hornung.  He has his own painting business and I'm very proud of him.  I've been working as an ENT medical assistant in Richmond

Kersting, Leslie



Keuchenius, Paul



Kievit, Bill



Kim, Peter


works for Merck in their research operation.

Kireker, Sally (Faulkner)



2006:  I have lived in  Mississippi  and Tennessee since 1981 (except for 2 years in chilly Boston) and have been happily married to my husband of 25 years, Buddy, a Mississippian.  We have four children:  Sarah-20, at Univ.of Georgia; John-18 and headed to UGA in the fall, Jack-17, a rising senior in HS, and Will-13, in 7th grade. We stay busy with cycling, watching lacrosse games (the boys all play), traveling, ski trips, and the usual non-stop family stuff. I still visit NJ to see my parents; mom is at home in Hohokus and Dad is in Van Dyk's Nursing home, doing well considering he is 88!  We also make a yearly summer trek to Lake George so that my Southern kids do get some Northern exposure! We have been living in Lookout Mountain, Tn (outside of Chattanooga) for the past 6 years and love it.

Kirkwood, Chris



Kitchen, Joan



Klein, Jon




Knott, Kevin


Moved to Texas in 78. I'm a Mechanical Engineer working at Bell Helicopter Textron . Married almost 21 years to Linda with four children, Aimee (20), Kaitlyn (14), Justin (12), and Morgann (8). i have one grandchild, Jaran (11/2)

Kolinsky, Ann


Graduated from NYU '79 . married to Tom Fischer (also from Ridgewood), lives on 10 acres in Western NJ w/ an Irish Setter named Shane and teaches advanced placement inner-city HS kids. 

Konner, William



Krizan, Barbara (Slocum)



Krueger, Elizabeth



2005:  Iíve been in Manhattan since the early 80ís and three years ago was elected to the NYS Senate to represent the east-side and mid-town Manhattan.  www. Lizkrueger.com

Kupp, Katherine


 Passed Away   : (

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